6 valuable things you'll learn at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference


Three days. The most design experts in one location. All your worries addressed.

1. Is your timetable realistic? Maybe you can build sooner than you think. Maybe it will take a little longer. Either way, it's good to know. This conference gives you the tools you need to plan with confidence. Plus a dose of inspiration.

2. Great ways to make your budget go further. During the conference, you'll see sessions on budgeting and sessions that focus on smart design solutions from other veterinary practices. And you can research key purchases. All of this will help you spend your hard-earned money wisely.

3. How to make a small-budget project sing. Whether you're remodeling part of your practice, reworking a leasehold space, building a small facility down the road, or building the veterinary world's dream practice, you'll find the information you need with the experts in Kansas City. Really, you say. I'm just remodeling. That's great! We offer a whole series of remodeling sessions as a one-day lab.

4. Who can best help you achieve your project goals. We gather together a big group of veterinary architects as speakers and exhibitors. So you can meet lots of candidates to help you. Even if you know you want to work with someone local, these experts will teach you what to look for as you build your team, and what key issues to watch for during the building process to make sure everything goes smoothly. On this page, you can see who will be presenting and read articles and see videos from them. And even more experts attend the conference as exhibitors, so you can research architects, builders, financing, equipment, and more, all in one place. This conference is the brain trust for veterinary hospital design.

5. Common mistakes that you can avoid—saving you headaches and money. An outlet in the wrong place now can cost you thousands of dollars if you decide to move it later. These folks have seen hundreds of hospitals built, and they can help you think through the details that could trip you up later. As part of your registration fee, you even get a 30-minute consultation with an architect to talk specifically about your project and any questions you have about it.

6. You're not alone. I've been at the hospital design conference every year for the past 18 years. (Imagine!) And one of the things I love best is watching the doctors and managers who attend bond. Really. I bet most of you don't think at all about the benefits you'll get from talking to a pile of other veterinarians who are planning to build. But we hold a reception at the end of the first day, and sometimes we have to turn out the lights to get the veterinarians attending to move their conversations to nearby restaurants and lobbies.

Ready to register? Here are the specifics for 2012. Can't wait to see you there!

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