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Veterinary hospital health resolutions for 2023

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Throughout my veterinary career, I have worked in many different practices and with a variety of veterinarians, team members, and leaders. One thing that is consistent in the veterinary space is that most of us continue to work hard but are not focusing on finding ways to work smarter. Here are 5 goals every veterinarian should focus on to create a healthy hospital in 2023:

1. Create an environment cultivated around teaching where everyone is involved.

Accept a student extern, hire associate DVMs that want to give back to future generations so you can hire a new graduate who will want to continue the gift of teaching. Explain to your techs and assistants why you are running the tests you chose and incorporate them into the learning process. Having an environment where everyone is a teacher creates a more positive culture, resulting in less turnover.

2. Focus on your people.

Clients and their needs are important, but if you focus on your team’s happiness and encourage a positive culture, your patients and their people will feel that energy. Truly get to know your team members and their “love language.” Learn early on what makes them feel valued. While one team member may appreciate a gift card, another might place more value on an affirmation.

3. Educate yourself, your team members, and your clients on the importance of pet insurance.

Get that new puppy and kitten signed up early before any conditions surface. We build trust with clients who have pet insurance. Having more pets on insurance not only improves your day-to-day quality of life, but it is also a way to look out for your referred ER doctor and specialist in the neighborhood.

4. Best business truly follows best medicine.

If you focus on being a good doctor, finding the answers by using your resources, and making appropriate and thoughtful recommendations, the revenue will follow.

5. Write your records as you go.

Say it louder for the people in the back. If you don’t have an electronic medical record system, get one. Our best and most accurate records are written right after the consultation. You can always add something in later, but don’t let that pile grow and become a daunting task that stands between the end of the day and getting home to your family. If you are mindful about building this habit over two weeks, it becomes engrained and easier to do for the rest of your career.

Your practice is more than a profit and loss statement. Make 2023 the year that you focus on you and your people.

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