5 ways to get your rear in gear


Don't just sit there-get up and be a better veterinary boss! But first, read these tips.

There are hundreds of ways to get your feet moving. The trick is finding a workout routine that works with your lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Walk the walk. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier so you can lace up those tennis shoes 30 minutes before work and take a walk. Position your walking shoes and gear beside your bed to remind yourself of your obligation. Strive for an 18- to 20-minute-per-mile walking pace.

2. Stretch your limits. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress and boost health in numerous studies. Too busy to enroll in a class? There are many DVDs that can lead you through a basic routine in the convenience of your living room. And guys, yoga's not just for women. The New York Giants practiced yoga as their secret weapon to help win the 2012 Super Bowl.

3. Lift weights. Many of us are intimidated by the muscle-bound leviathans who haunt the gym. Don't be. You'll find most plate-pushers to be quite helpful if you ask. If the last time you picked up a barbell was in high school, spend a few lessons with a personal trainer to get your form correct and prevent injury. Anyone over age 35 needs to incorporate strength training to offset the 1 percent muscle mass loss we begin to see each year. Do many repetitions with low amounts of weight to tone and strengthen stressed limbs. Don't forget your core: Planks, crunches, and stability ball workouts are all essential exercises to practice as we age.

4. Train for a triathlon. The swim-bike-run lifestyle isn't only fun, it keeps you feeling young. Even better, taking up a new physical skill sharpens the mind. If you've never thought of doing a triathlon, sign up for a sprint (300-yard swim, 10-mile bike, 3-mile run) and see what all the fuss is about.

5. Find a workout that works. Find your passion. Whether it's Pilates, Zumba, CrossFit, P90X, dancing, or rock climbing, commit to doing some aerobic activity two to three times a week. The more you enjoy your workout, the more you'll actually get up and do it.

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