5 things pet owners need to trash right now

October 4, 2016

Shoddy leashes, old plastic bowls and crazy-dull nail trimmersdo the pet owners you serve know how harmful this junk can be? Use this tool to show them what to keep and what to toss.

You know those closet-cleanout reality TV shows, with that formulaic format? The tough, stern expert and the hapless homeowner who just can't see what a mess everything is?

Now imagine what most of your clients' pet accessories collection must look like. Not far off, huh?

You know that most pet owners have good intentions, and want to buy the best items for their pets. But sometimes they need guidance from a trusted source (ahem, that's you!) to know what to throw away immediately and what to hang onto for the long haul. They might not know how dangerous that old retractable leash or innappropriate medication is to their dog or cat.

That's why we developed these two handouts, one for dogs, one for cats. Download them now and start handing them out at every visit-because you know there's some real junk out there.