5 reasons to go out on a limb


The coming new year offers the perfect time to go out on a limb-even if you fall flat. Here are five phenomenal ways your setbacks help you climb to the top.

You'll get inspiration to seek training.

If at first you don't succeed, it could be a sign your skill set isn't cutting it. A class on communication strategies or a new procedure could hold the key to success.

You'll get an unforgetable lesson.

Embarrassment has a way of sticking with you—no matter how much you want to forget it. Tried your first e-newsletter but accidentally sent it to the same client 300 times? Chances are you won't make the same mistake again.

You'll get a wake-up call.

Team members can move on autopilot, and it's not until you thoroughly mess up that you become fully aware of your performance. Use your mistakes to shake off the blinders and see your job—and yourself—in a fresh light.

You'll get insight into success.

Gaffes illustrate what doesn't work. They also get you closer to finding what does. Remember, many people fear failure, but breakthroughs depend on it.

You'll get a good laugh.

Everybody loves bloopers, and embracing your own signals growth and maturity. What's more, cracking a smile when you slip up emboldens others to take smart chances too.

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