5 must-reads for hump day humor

March 10, 2021
dvm360 Staff

During those tough workweeks, a little laughter can go a long way. Check out these 5 articles for a midweek case of the giggles.

You made it halfway through the workweek. To celebrate, we have selected 5 articles to make you smile or chuckle because who doesn't need a good belly laugh?

From common client mispronunciations to a poem about client flea-denial, there is plenty of fun and engaging content for you. So take a break when you can, and let the laughing begin.

  1. The lab that lives in infamy: A veterinarian recounts a hilarious yet embarrassing moment in veterinary school.
  2. What was that? Top 10 client mispronunciations: It's no secret that your clients sometimes struggle to communicate their pet's needs. Test your deciphering abilities in this list of the 10 most misused and mispronounced words by clients.
  3. Dogs, kids, wine, and everything's fine: A quarantine poem: In this hilarious poem, Jessica Stroupe, DVM, describes what it might be like being a veterinarian stuck in quarantine during the pandemic.
  4. 'Louise Has Fleas': A poem about the frustrations of flea denial: One veterinarian and practice owner uses humor to express her frustrations with flea denial.
  5. The doctor and the brick: An unusual Sunday-night call about a mare and a filly sparked an unconventional journey.