5-minute drill: Train your veterinary team to write right


Use this advice to write effective marketing materials for veterinary clients.

Whether you're composing a tweet for your practice's Twitter feed, dashing off a quick note to remind a pet owner to call you with a question about Fifi's treatment plan or writing a condolence letter for Rex's passing, your words count. And you can make a bigger impact and instill more trust in your practice if you represent yourself well when you pick up a pen—or peck at the keyboard. Discuss these tips at your next team meeting to improve team members' writing skills:

Step 1: Don't rely on spell check. It can be two ... to ... umm ... too embarrassing to look back and see you used the wrong form of the word, even if it's spelled correctly.

Step 2: Nominate a proofreader. You might have a team member who's a grammar whiz or a proofreading paragon, or you may take turns offering a once-over for any written materials you plan to pass on to clients, either online or in person.

Step 3: Avoid slang, off-color humor or cussing. Remember you're representing the business, and the words you place in print or online have a way of lingering long after you've written them.

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