5 best cat videos on the internet


Get your online feline fix in five clips.

Some people believe the internet was built simply to house cat videos and who are we to argue? Just to verify that watching kitty clips is a valuable use of time and resources, we've researched and compiled the following favorites-all while on the clock. And we feel better and more productive for it. Boost your team spirit and feel better identifying with your patients ... all by watching YouTube.

First we have the long suffering Henri, un chat français whose nihilistic visions are a stark reminder of the difficult lives many house cats lead. "My thumbs are not opposable," he laments. Heartbreaking stuff.



Though some suggest cats have simple minds, the truth is that they're fans of Simple Minds. Just get a load of this feline take on that band's classic "Don't You (Forget About Me)." It's been reported that those cats are lip synching. It's hard to be sure.



"Half of love is just lo ... which is how I feel." Many cats' diaries have been leaked to web. It's up to us to use their private thoughts for the betterment of veterinary medicine. And a few laughs.



Henri returns to chronicle his visits to the veterinary clinic. Be warned: This is not for the faint of heart.



Kittens need mentors like anyone else. Here the senior household cat briefs a protege on food, shoes, and human larvae. Well ... just watch.



Bonus dog video! They have a home on the internet too, you know. "When I shook the neighbor's hand this morning, I have no clue what I agreed to. None." Pooches also have existential crises, it would appear.

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