4 ways to be a great reviewee


Consider this advice to stay positive when you're being reviewed at your veterinary practice.

Consider this advice to stay positive when you're being reviewed.

1. Let down your guard. Even if you feel attacked during your review, a defensive position only makes things worse.

2. Return to your mission. If you feel your manager is being unfairly critical of your performance, circle the conversation back to your practice's interest in client and patient care by saying something like, "I'm sorry. I was unaware that my actions had those effects. I was trying to accomplish better client and patient care, and I now understand that you don't approve of that approach."

3. Choose a proactive position. Don't sit in the chair and allow criticism—or praise for that matter—to wash over you. Use the review as a chance to explore ways to change hospital service and care systems for the better.

4. Listen. Our reaction to criticism is often a knee-jerk apology or explanation. Rather than responding too fast, take a moment and consider the feedback. It could be right! If you're too busy explaining yourself, you may miss the chance to hear a valuable insight that could change your life—and your career.

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