4 top holiday hazards for pets


Teach clients about these dangerous holiday household items their pets should avoid.

The holiday season has arrived-as has the peak season for client calls to Pet Poison Helpline (PPH). As pets explore new food, plants, and décor, more clients worry their pets have ingested dangerous items.

Unfortunately, their worry is valid. For example, the USA Today recently posted a story about a kitten that died from eating lilies. The pet owner had no idea the flowers posed a danger to her precious cat.

To educate your clients and help them maintain a safe household during this festive time of year, it's important that you're aware of which holiday items put pets at risk. The following pages outline four common holiday hazards that Pet Poison Helpline receives calls about. Dr. Ahna Brutlag, assistant director for veterinary services at PPH, describes how each item affect pet and discusses the appropriate treatments.

Click here to read about the first holiday hazard: Liquid potpourri.

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