4 products to connect with pet owners

June 22, 2016

Find tech-savvy tools to reach pet owners in the digital age.

Head in the cloud? 

So Ms. Information wants to schedule Toodle the Poodle's wellness visit for Tuesday at 2 p.m. Let her book online and recieve automated reminders on your practice website. Rapport, the cloud-based client communication system from Henry Schein Animal Health, offers communication tools designed to save time for you and your critical front desk team, improve pet healthcare, boost the flow of clients to your practice and ditch those "no-shows". Did we mention it makes your practice look good?



Get vet-ucated!

Mac or PC? With Lifelearn's ClientED Online, it doesn't matter! The website offers full access to over 1,200 Lifelearn client education articles, compatible with Mac and PC, all at the click of a mouse. Access these articles from within your software, print or email them to clients, edit and personalize articles and link them to diagnostic and treatment codes for automatic printing and storage. Now that's an easy button. 



Ticked off? 

Then it's time to get the ticks off. Dogsandticks.com offers educational tools for pet owners, including maps showing the incidence of tick diseases across the country, from state-to-state and even county-by-county. The site also contains risk assessments for dogs and information on a wide range of ticks and the diseases across the country. The refreshed site also incorporates several interactive game-like features to engage and inform pet owners about tick-borne illness. 



Not to pat ourselves on the head, but... 

The dvm360.com social media marketing toolkit offers free Facebook posts and tweets your team can use to raise awareness of key health and care issues, including parasites, dental care, senior wellness and much more. With the press of a little blue "tweet" or "share" button on both sites, you can post information instantly to your practice's social media accounts-it's that easy! Even better, it's free and accessible by virtually (pun intended) everyone. 

Want more? 

Learn more about these products and more-we're always adding new products to help you connect with pet owners. Check back often!