30 years in veterinary dermatology with Patricia White


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Patricia White, DVM, MS, DACVD, CPC, joins the latest episode of The Vet Blast Podcast to talk about her career in veterinary dermatology, her impending retirement, and transition to coaching.

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Patricia White, DVM, MS, DACVD, CPC: Dermatology is is mostly history, if you're going to be successful. So, you have to have skills, listening skills and questioning skills. So, it really hasn't changed that much. The tools and the toys have changed, but the specialty hasn't changed in terms of being able to be successful in it. I know...every time a new therapeutic comes out, people are excited about it. "Oh, it's game changing," and all that stuff. [The important thing is] knowing how to use that tool successfully.

So, the tools have gotten bigger and badder and more expensive, which is not a bad thing. And those tools change animals lives. And as they change animals lives, they changed the pet owners lives as well. So all of those things are amazin, and I'm grateful to have them as a dermatologist. They are game changers, no doubt about it. I think about managing itchy atopic pets in the 90s. There were animals that were probably euthanized at that time, because we didn't have anything that really got them to a point of quality of life, and owners had to make a choice. And they don't have to necessarily make that choice anymore. There are tools out there that work better, that give those animals quality of life that wasn't available 30 years ago. So you know that the specialty has changed. Medicine has changed in general.

White can be reached at shantiwhitecoaching@gmail.com

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