3 tips to breed-specific wellness care


Try these fun ideas for staff training and client education when incorporating breed-specific care into your veterinary practice.

Now that you know how breed-specific wellness care could be a powerful addition to your practice curricula, here's how to get started implementing a program.

1. Use this fun photo quiz to perk up staff member interest and start a discussion on breed-specific wellness in your practice. Call a team meeting and have staff members guess which dog snout belongs to which breed.

2. Have staff members go to one of these <LINKLINK>databases<LINKLINK> and research their own dogs' breeds. Ask them to share what they learned at the next staff meeting.

3. Survey your clients and your staff to find out the most popular dog breeds in your practice (or, use your patient database to determine this information.) Then make a display showing “The Top 10 Dog Breeds at ABC Animal Hospital.” Use the top 10 breeds to start a breed-specific healthcare program in your practice.

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