3 products for veterinary dentistry


The tooth is, these products are tip top for the tooth ticklers and dental divas who work hard to preserve pets oral health.

Hey you! It's almost pet dental health month. Is your team gearing up to increase your recommendations and dental procedures performed? Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry), of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education, shares three products she loves for dental procedures.



OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews

I love this chew because of the unique dual-action mechanism that prevents bacterial attachment, reducing halitosis (bad breath) at the source. The action of chewing works to remove plaque away from teeth. The added delmopinol works by disrupting the plaque matrix and forms a barrier, preventing new bacteria from adhering to the teeth. The palatability of the chews makes the product one of my favorites. Dogs love them, but use supervision when giving them to pets.






C.E.T. OraStrip Dental Diagnostic Test

The C.E.T. OraStrip is a diagnostic tool that should be incorporated into every wellness visit. The test strip detects thiols that are produced by the pathogenic (anaerobic, gram-negative, black-pigmenting) bacteria present in periodontal pockets. The test strip can detect active periodontal disease hidden beneath the gum line that is not visible in the exam room. Performing this test with the pet owners present helps them understand that there is a periodontal infection present. It demonstrates the need for treatment before the problem gets worse and leads to painful bone and tooth loss and heart, liver and kidney disease.


The Miltex probe.Periodontal probes

There are several really good periodontal probe/explorers on the market. My personal favorite is a Williams probe that has markings at each millimeter with a double darker marking at 5, 10 and 15-mm. The Miltex Grip Lite S6 is an 18-mm probe with an explorer on one end (pictured) has a wider handle with grip to help prevent repetitive motion injuries. Don't skimp on the cost of dental equipment, as high-quality products stand the test of time.

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