3 products to hook pet owners


We sniffed out these widgets, gadgets and doodads to keep pet owners smiling throughout their veterinary visit and long after they leave your practice.

1. Dog hooks. We all wish we had an extra pair of hands. And you can help pet owners feel like they do. The hook? It's a hook. For your front desk. It holds the leash so your clients can sign that all important credit-card receipt.



2. There's an app for that. Keep pets groovin' to the smooth beats of Pet Tunes, designed for dogs, cats, horses-and people too! Limited frequencies and nonjarring volumes keep the beat calm and cool so pets and their people chill from the waiting room to the exam and back again.

3. Care communities. So you've just diagnosed Bella with cancer. Or Baxter's entering hospice care. And your very plugged in client wants a private hub to share updates on Bella or Baxter with family, friends and caregivers. PrizedPals, CareFlash's invitation-only microcommunities, may be a new way to connect your healthcare team with invested and motivated clients who want to be part of their pets' care.

Find these products and more at dvm360.com/petproducts.


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