3 new pet products for the dog days of summer


Are your veterinary patients too hot to trot? Check out these new pet products and help keep those hot dogs cool all summer long.


That is one hot dog. No, really. With summer months reaching almost painful climes, poor pooches are feeling the burn. We gathered a few of our favorite new products to help pets beat the heat.

EzyDog “DFD” Life Jacket

EzyDog has updated their line of dog life jackets, offering a new look with the same attention to safety standards they've kept since the beginning. With up to 50% more foam than other life vests and adjustable straps, even the heaviest of dogs will be kept afloat. Not to mention the waterproof, reflective piping for nighttime visibility and a sturdy handle to help guide pups in and out of the water. It's a splash!

Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

This vest can be soaked in cold water, wrung out and fastened on a pup for hot days. As water evaporates from the coat's reservoir, evaporative cooling exchanges the dog's heat. There are three layers at work here: The wicking outer layer facilitates evaporation, the absorbent middle layer stores water and the inner layer transfers the cooling effect to the dog. With a light color to reflect heat from the sun and auto-lock buckles, this jacket is one cool accessory. 

The Green Pet Shop's Cool Pet Pad

The Cool Pet Pad contains a special nontoxic, warmth-absorbing gel that's pressure activated by a pet's weight. A pet's presence initiates a gentle cooling effect that lasts up to four hours, as soon as they lie down. Don't worry, though, the cooling gel is automatically recharged as soon as the pet leaves it. Bonus: This cooling pad isn't only useful in warm weather, it can also provide pets relief for conditions like hip dysplasia, postsurgical recovery or itchy skin.

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