3 Must-reads on veterinary imaging


Check out these 3 articles covering the latest in veterinary imaging.

Friends Stock / stock.adobe.com

Friends Stock / stock.adobe.com

Imaging is crucial in veterinary medicine as it can help detect diseases to implement treatment quicker and more effectively. That is why we have spotlighted 3 articles covering an array of tips and tricks on using imaging tools to establish the most accurate diagnoses.

From proper techniques to evaluate abdominal radiographs to maximizing advanced imaging modalities for improved diagnoses—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. Veterinary abdominal radiography tips: Joseph Snock, DVM, provides an overview of obtaining the most useful images in dog and cat abdomens.
  2. Advanced imaging modalities in veterinary medicine: As CT and MRI become more available and less costly, their diagnostic superiority over radiography will enhance treatments of common diseases in small animals.
  3. Up your imaging game: The power of AFAST: Kate Boatright, VMD, explains how appropriate use of focused assessment with sonography for trauma, triage, and tracking enables clinicians to analyze obvious soft-tissue abnormalities and ascites in the abdomen.
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