3 Must-reads on veterinary heart disease


3 articles detailing the ins and outs of heart disease in companion animals

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual,1 slightly more than 10% of all pets examined by a veterinarian have some type of cardiovascular disease. Ergo, we have outlined 3 articles featuring expert insight on identifying, diagnosing, and treating this condition.

From the importance of the ABCD classification system to common heart defects and diseases explained—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. The benefits of the ABCD classification system for heart disease: Amara Estrada, DVM, DACVIM(Cardiology), explained the significance of diagnosing pets in the pre-clinical stage of heart disease and provided tips on using the classification system.
  2. The malformed canine heart: Discover how to detect various cogenital defects in puppies and integrate treatment plans so they can live a happy, healthy life.
  3. Routine veterinary exam leads to long journey for puppy with heart disease: Learn how veterinarians performed a valvuloplasty to treat a puppy with pulmonic stenosis, a potentially fatal cardiovascular birth defect.


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