3 Must-reads on veterinary dentistry

dvm360 Staff

For all your veterinary dentistry needs, we have you covered. Check out these useful pointers on examining pets and offering them the best oral care.

Dental health is an essential component when it comes to determining a pet’s well-being and overall condition. Therefore, understanding how to properly examine a patient’s mouth and perform required procedures and treatments is crucial. To help, we’ve selected 3 articles that cover various clinical signs of oral concerns, treatment approaches, client communication pearls, and beyond.

From knowing when to take immediate action in veterinary dentistry to learning about the multitude of advanced dental care options—there’s something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: When waiting is wishful thinking: Sometimes, taking immediate action for dental care is necessary for a pet’s well-being and comfort. Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD, outlines examples where this rings true including patients with missing teeth, discolored teeth, or complicated tooth fractures.
  2. Tips for mastering veterinary dental radiology: The most efficient way to master producing diagnostic-quality radiographs is through in-person professional training. Here are some supplemental pointers for the process including timing, anesthesia safety, and more.
  3. Advanced dental procedures for pets: What’s possible?: With technological innovations in the veterinary industry, there are various advanced dental care options available for pets. Discover detailed descriptions of these treatments, plus when it’s appropriate to offer an advanced dentistry referral.