3 Must-reads on recent FDA approvals


3 articles highlighting the latest FDA-approved veterinary drugs

V&P Photo Studio / stock.adobe.com

V&P Photo Studio / stock.adobe.com

There have been an array of innovative treatments recently approved by the FDA in veterinary medicine. That's why we have spotlighted 3 of these drugs so you can keep them on your radar to enhance patient care.

From antibiotics for swine respiratory disease to a breakthrough treatment for osteoarthritis pain in cats—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. FDA approves new combination injection for sedation and pain relief in dogs: A balanced combination of medetomidine and vatinoxan, this drug has been approved for use as a canine sedative and analgesic.
  2. FDA approves 2 antibiotics for treating swine respiratory disease: These broad-spectrum, prescription antibiotics from Merck Animal Health treat the major organisms associated with swine respiratory disease.
  3. First monoclonal antibody for animals approved by FDA to control pain in cats: Frunevetmab injection (Zoetis; Solensia) is the first-ever treatment for pain associated with feline osteoarthritis.
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