3 Must-reads on having more fun at your veterinary practice

March 16, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Check out these simple and creative strategies for making your workplace more enjoyable for your team and your patients.

It's no secret that the veterinary profession is challenging and can often be taxing on your mental health. Part of good self-care is adding more fun to your day. From occasionally difficult patients and angry clients to long hours and late nights, finding time for fun may seem nearly impossible. But, it can be done — you just have to get creative.

The following 3 articles highlight tips for enjoying your team, strategies other clinics have used to promote a fun workplace, plus how to make your patient's visit (old and young) a memorable one. Happy reading!

  1. Lead better by having more fun with your veterinary team: According to Julie Cappel, DVM, part of being a good leader is providing time for team members to have fun and take breaks. Check out more of her tips for incorporating creativity and fun into your practice.
  2. Techs just wanna have fun: In a field that involves long hours and high stress, take a look at how these clinics made their work shifts more exciting.
  3. Having fun with all creatures old and young: Part of providing excellent care to your furry patients (both old and young) is offering a fun and memorable experience. From a little peanut butter to catnip, explore the many ways to make your patient's visit a great one.