3 Must-reads on diversifying veterinary medicine

March 22, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Check out these articles highlighting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the profession, plus inspirational stories of resiliency, persistence, and determination.

Now more than ever, the demand for change in the veterinary profession can be heard loud and clear. People are raising their voices, telling their stories, and educating others on the importance of diversity.

In the following 3 articles, learn how you can support diversity efforts, the affinity groups that are standing in the gap, personal stories about overcoming adversity, and how to inspire a brighter future for everyone. Happy reading!

Addressing the dismal lack of diversity in veterinary medicine: Second-year veterinary student Chris Hollingsworth opens up about being the only Black male student in his class and how he's using his unique platform to make a difference.

An overdue awakening: Addressing systemic racism in veterinary medicine: In this article, find out how affinity groups are banning together to create long-lasting change, plus tips for discussing diversity in the workplace.

Building a more diverse profession: Pam Hale, DVM, MBA, talks about ongoing preconceived biases in veterinary medicine, her experience as a Black woman in a leadership role, plus offers guidance to those following in her footsteps.