3 Must-reads on discussing CBD with clients

March 18, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Check out these articles highlighting strategies for talking to pet owners about cannabidiol.

Cannabis has become more mainstream, which explains the growing interest in cannabidiol (CBD) use among pet owners. Not sure how to broach this topic with your clients? No worries. We got you covered!

We have selected 3 informative articles that break down how to discuss CBD with your clients, provide a closer look at the latest veterinary CBD research, and explain everything else you need to know to help your clients navigate this world.

Happy reading!

  1. Talking CBD with your veterinary clients: It’s OK to talk with veterinary clients about cannabidiol in animal companions. Here are a few ways to approach the subject with pet owners.
  2. Wrangling the topic of CBD with your veterinary clients: Find out everything you need to know about CBD, including which products are best, dosing information, and much more.
  3. AVMA releases CBD resource guide for veterinarians: The American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) 50-page guide provides historical information about CBD use in the United States and breaks down key cannabis terminology and treatment approaches.