3 Must-reads for Valentine's Day


Check out these 3 heart day-themed articles

Юлия Завалишина / stock.adobe.com

Юлия Завалишина / stock.adobe.com

Today is the day of love! To celebrate, we have selected 3 articles that offer tips and tricks for ensuring pets stay healthy, happy, and safe this February 14th.

From Valentine's Day items that pose a threat to keeping your furry friend's heart healthy—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. Heart medication poisons pet around Valentine's Day: The story of a curious pup who ingested heart medication around Valentine's Day, and how he was treated for this emergency.
  2. Tips for pet heart health: Discover how proactive care can help you stay on top of your pet's heart health.
  3. Valentine's Day pet toxins: From candles to chocolate, Pet Poison Helpline outlines toxins to bear in mind this holiday.
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