3 Must-reads for the holidays


Here are 3 articles covering a wide array of content ranging from tips to fare the extra holiday stress to common pet hazards to avoid and beyond.

For those who celebrate the holiday season, we hope you are enjoying a safe and merry time with close friends, family, and of course, your beloved furry, scaly, or feathery companion. With the seasonal festivities underway, make sure your clients are educated on pet hazards to avoid and that you are prioritizing your own mental health. To help with this, we have selected 3 articles chock full of tips and tricks to help you safely celebrate the holidays and safeguard the health of your patients.

From curbing the holiday stress in and out of the clinic to pet hazards clients should avoid—there’s something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. 3 Tips to help you manage the extra stress this holiday season: Makenzie Peterson, MSc, provides 3 insightful tips to help you cope this holiday season, ranging from carving out time for people you enjoy to setting boundaries and more.
  2. Study finds emergency vet searches spike in these states during the holidays: Discover a few states that have a high Google search term of "ER vet" during the holiday season, plus why client education is paramount to keeping pets safe and sound during the festivities.
  3. Don’t eat that!: Top 3 pet holiday hazards: With the holiday season in full effect, make sure your clients are well-informed on common festive items that can pose a risk to their beloved pets.
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