3-Must reads for Pride Month

dvm360 Staff

To honor this monumental month, we're bringing you 3 articles that highlight numerous ways you can support and celebrate your LGBTQ+ veterinary team members.

Pride Month has arrived and to celebrate, we want to amplify the voices of all the LGBTQ+ veterinary professionals. To help raise awareness and spread visibility, we've selected 3 informative articles that are chock full of ways you can "show up" for your LGBTQ+ colleagues, promote appropriate allyship, and nurture a safe and inclusive environment that everyone can shine in.

From reading tips on displaying support for LGBTQ+ individuals in and out of the clinic to learning the details of PrideVMC’s Pride 2021 Event Calendar—there’s something for everyone. Happy Pride Month!

  1. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the veterinary world and beyond: Showing your support for LGBTQ+ colleagues is tremendously impactful! Discover these 3 methods for demonstrating allyship during Pride Month and year-round.
  2. PrideVMC promotes the LGBTQ+ veterinary community: From building a mentorship program to creating scholarship opportunities, learn the great strides PrideVMC is taking to foster a more diverse and inclusive veterinary community.
  3. PrideVMC announces Pride 2021 Event Calendar: PrideVMC teamed up with PrideSVMC to release the Pride 2021 Event Calendar which includes celebratory virtual events, networking opportunities, digital campaigns, and beyond. Check out the details and view the schedule.