3 must-reads for National Puppy Day

March 23, 2021
dvm360 Staff

In observance of this special day, we have selected some articles highlighting some dos and dont's of puppy care, plus some tips and tricks to share with new puppy owners.

Cuteness alert! Today is National Puppy Day, a wonderful time to not only enjoy the unconditional love these adorable creatures give, but also to brush up on your puppy care skills and educate your clients on how to best care for these special pets.

The following 3 articles offer insight on caring for high-risk neonatal puppies and kittens, behavior tips to share with new puppy owners, and a puppy client handout to help guide pet parents in successfully socializing their new furry family members. Happy reading!

Neonatal nursing care for high-risk puppies and kittens: Newborn puppies and kittens can become compromised within the first week of their lives without proper care. Learn more about key factors to pay attention to when caring for these fragile patients.

No nervous breakdown tips keeping puppies driving veterinary clients crazy: Veterinary behaviorist Wayne Hunthausen, DVM, provides some tips and tricks for correcting and preventing problem behaviors in new puppies.

Client handout puppy socialization: Client’s aren’t always aware that their new puppies develop much of their adult personality within the first 16 weeks. This free puppy client handout will break down everything new pup parents need to know to set their pooches up for success.