3 Must-reads for enhancing client communication

dvm360 Staff

It can be tough navigating the murky waters of client communication. That's why we've selected 3 articles to bolster your relationship and dialogue with pet owners.

Finding the right words when dealing with clients can be stressful. When an ill patient arrives at your clinic, broaching sensitive topics with their owners can feel like an impossible task—but it doesn't have to be. To help, we've selected 3 informative articles chock-full of communication pearls and techniques for navigating those uncomfortable conversations.

From data revealing the connection between veterinarian-client relationships and patient care to techniques ensuring your spot in the client-patient circle of trust to the pros and cons of modern communication methods—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. Stronger client relationships are key to better patient care: Data shows that owners care about their pet's health and well-being. According to Charlotte Hansen, MS, owners also depend on their veterinarian to stay informed about the best ways to look after their favorite companions. Learn how stronger veterinarian-client relationships can strengthen patient care.
  2. Critical techniques for effective client communication: The human-animal bond is an exclusive club that requires a few crucial techniques to secure and maintain your spot in the client-patient circle of trust. Take a look at how to build effective communication, loyalty, and trust with your clients and patients.
  3. Managing client communication in a multimedia world: The ever-evolving world of technology brings many mechanisms of communication in the veterinary practice space—between email, text messaging, websites, video conferencing, social media, and much more. Though these resources can provide some advantages for team members and owners, they can be rather cumbersome to manage. Here's a look at the pros and cons of in-person and virtual communication.