3 must-read veterinary safety articles

March 31, 2019

Here are three bullying, radiation and pregnancy articles popping up in your veterinary colleagues web searches and our dvm360.com traffic in March 2019.

Bill fetched some articles on veterinary practice safety and wellbeing you need to read. Read fast, 'cause that hard hat is totally going to fall off any minute now. (Kirill Zdorov/stock.adobe.com)You probably don't need a hard hat at work in the veterinary hospital-although maybe sometimes you wish you had one when you bang your head on an open cabinet door. But that doesn't mean emotional and physical safety shouldn't be top-of-mind for you.

We noticed that readers of team-related content on dvm360.com have been clicking on these three personal-health-related articles. That's a good sign you should too. Share away ...

This isn't Mean Girls: Let's talk woman-to-woman bullying in practice

Raise your hand if you've felt personally victimized by another woman in your clinic. Days in practice can sometimes feel like a scene out of Mean Girls. How do we change that?


Protect your thyroid

I got sick after decades of taking radiographs as a veterinary technician. Learn from my mistakes. Protect yourself.



Oh, baby! 8 risks to avoid in your veterinary practice during pregnancy

Whether you're expecting or you work with someone who is-or might one day-review this list of risks in veterinary practice and plan how to keep everyone in the workplace safe.