3 critical updates in veterinary emergency medicine


Dr. Justine Lee lays out three important changes in protocol for your critical veterinary patients.

At a recent CVC, we asked Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT, about new approaches in the area of emergency medicine. Her tips:

1. Don't use a shock fluid dose (60 to 90 ml/kg). Go with around 20 to 30 ml/kg and reassess frequently so you don't have to compensate for volume overload.

2. Use less steroids. What's needed in shocky patients is perfusion, which means fluid therapy in most cases. Steroids don't help.

3. Fine-tune your feline emesis protocol. "There is no safe emetic you can use at home for cats," says Dr. Lee. They're going to have to come see you, and a new study recommends giving dexmedetomidine intramuscularly (7 µg/kg).

Hear all the details:

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