2018 Help a Horse Day contest finds a new focus in adoption

March 16, 2018

The ASPCA is challenging equine rescues and sanctuaries to get creative when it comes to finding homes for unwanted horses.

The goal of this year's Help a Horse Day contest is to connect unwanted horses with people who are willing and able to give them a home. (Shutterstock.com)The ASPCA's 2018 Help a Horse Day contest is moving in a new direction for its fifth year by shifting its focus to adoption.

Research conducted by the organization in 2017 suggests that though there are more than enough people with the desire and resources necessary to take in the annual number of unwanted horses in the United States, equine rescues and sanctuaries aren't reaching them. This year's contest aims to help bridge the gap by encouraging nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations housing unwanted horses to get creative when it comes to fundraising, promotion and adoption.

According to the contest website, each participating organization will be judged on its adoption campaign, the number of adoptions and adoption commitments its campaign garners, the amount of money the campaign raises for the organization, and the content and quality of a promotional adoption video created by the organization. And while these equine organizations stand to benefit from the actions required to participate, $110,000 in grant money (divided among 17 different prizes) is also up for grabs.

Registration is now open for the Help a Horse Day Contest, which will run from April 26 to June 30. Winners will be announced in August.