2009 Year in Review


Over the course of a year, DVM Newsmagazine published hundreds of news stories about the veterinary profession and trends influencing it. This list and photo gallery chronicles events influencing your profession in 2009.

Over the course of a year, DVM Newsmagazine

published hundreds of news stories about the veterinary profession and the trends influencing it. This photo viewer chronicles the most significant events influencing your profession. At the end of each quick summary, we’ll point you to the original story so you can learn more.

1. Down, but not out

The animal-health market was once thought to be recession proof. But veterinarians report that a weakening economy is impacting numbers of client visits.

2. Mixed reviews on ear cropping decision

Renewed opposition to cosmetic surgeries by the American Veterinary Medical Association sparked debate from a vocal minority of veterinarians. The American Kennel Club remained opposed to the decision.

3. An unwanted horse epidemic

Horses became another casualty of the worsening recession. Owners were relinquishing horses in droves.

4. Kansas lands a plum

The Department of Homeland Security announced that Manhattan, Kansas would be the new home of the aging Plum Island laboratory currently housed in New York. The laboratory is the country’s first defense against veterinary and zoonotic diseases.

5. An economic forecast

An exclusive DVM Newsmagazine survey took the pulse of veterinarians about a deepening recession that didn’t hit bottom until March.

6. Heartworm migration

Transmitted by mosquitoes, heartworm disease has taken flight. A large-scale survey by the American Heartworm Society investigated the incidence of infection.

7. A dog's world

Cats are receiving less care than dogs, and veterinarians want to know why following a survey by the American Pet Products Association.

8. When the bond breaks

Hawaii and New York were eyeing legislation to compensate pet owners in cases of loss of companionship and emotional distress. The legislation poses big malpractice implications for practicing veterinarians, but little remedy for owners, DVMs say.

9. Red Flags delay

The Federal Trade Commission wants all small businesses to implement identity-theft prevention protocols. But practitioners are getting a reprieve.

10. A generational divide

Differences build strength. And the younger generation of veterinarians clearly has contrasting opinions to Baby Boomers.

11. Good jobs hard to find

As new veterinary graduates enter the workforce, some were reporting difficulty in finding jobs this year.

12. The winner's circle

Leonard Blach, DVM, and his horse Mine that Bird had a big year at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

13. eBaying it

This Maryland veterinarian took the spay/neuter campaign to eBay and found success in auctioning off the cost of surgeries.

14. Saying goodbye

Dr. John Albers stepped down at the American Animal Hospital Association, and the profession paid tribute to the late Dr. Janice Audin, editor of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

15. Angels of mercy

Veterinarians came to the aid of a forgotten segment of society – the growing homeless population.

16. In harm's way

The would-be robber demanded cash. Veterinary technician Wanda Auten fought back.

17. Biting back

A new study looked at dog-biting injuries by breed as a way to prevent future injuries for veterinarians.

18. Tough love regarding cosmetic surgeries

A resolution surfaced at July’s AVMA meeting in Seattle to soften the association’s position against cosmetic surgeries. It wasn’t met with open arms.

19. PETA protests AVMA event

A small group of protesters from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals showed up at the American Veterinary Medical Association meeting in Seattle. The gripe? A motivational fish-tossing event.

20. Racing reformation

New laboratory standards were one of a series of steps by the Thoroughbred racing industry toward reform.

21. Infectious threats

Shelters, boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals pose the greatest risk of outbreaks of canine influenza.

22. The antibiotic debate

Antibiotic resistance is fueling new fears and calls to further regulate antimicrobials for food animals.

23. From coast to coast

For 11 days and nights, Paul Danhaus, DVM, raced across the United States, and he won.

24. New welfare war

From cosmetic surgeries to food-animal confinement, animal welfare is emerging as the top debate for 2009 and beyond. States are lining up to enact new animal welfare rules.

25. Appeal denied

A California appeals court denied a pet owner’s claim of emotional distress in a malpractice case against a veterinarian.

26. A growing shortage

The shortage of veterinarians in rural areas is believed to be so severe, the government has allocated some $4.8 million to help entice veterinarians to work in underserved areas of the United States.

27. Catastrophic injuries

Efforts to prevent horse racing injuries are having an impact, but not by much.

28. A plan to spur adoptions

The unwanted horse epidemic is so serious; the Bureau of Land Management wants to open up new preserves as a way to increase adoptions.

29. Trash talking

Watch out for new environmental standards next year, veterinary officials warn.

30. Investigating H1N1

Cases in companion animals are surfacing, but it’s the cross-species phenomenon attracting the interest of veterinary researchers.

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