On the 12th day of Christmas ...


... my client brought to me another pet emergency! Need a break from the chaos of the holiday season? Enjoy this little ditty we wrote just for you, the veterinary professionals whove witnessed just about everything. (Plus, some articles to get you through the days appointments.)

(All illustrations by Roxy Townsend)

On the first day of Christmas, my cat gave to me ... a toppled-over Christmas tree.

Environmental enrighment: What a cat wants, what a cat needs


On the second day of Christmas, my rabbit gave to me ... a vet appointment for a musculoskeletal injury.

Is Floppy feeling painful? Client handout: Pain in rabbits


On the third day of Christmas, my dog gave to me ... several middle-of-the-night trips to pee.

Doing it right: House soiling: Have clients bop themselves with a newspaper


On the fourth day of Christmas, my geriatric cat gave to me ... an insulin prescription for its diabetes.

Communication is key: 6 tips for managing canine and feline diabetes


On the fifth day of Christmas, my ferret gave to me ... furniture that's really stinky.

Ferret frenzy: Highlights from the world of ferret medicine


On the sixth day of Christmas, my monkey gave to me ... the prison sentence I'm currently serving.

National report: Illegal exotics: Treat the animal or report the client?


On the seventh day of Christmas, my puppy gave to me ... a really itchy case of fleas.

Scratch that itch: The flea control toolkit


On the eighth day of Christmas, my fish gave to me ... a full day of tank cleaning.

Something's fishy: Helping fish flourish: Environmental enrichment for aquatic species


On the ninth day of Christmas, my golden gave to me ... broken molars from his bone chewing.

Learn more from a veterinary dentist: Counseling clients on fractured teeth in their pets


On the 10th day of Christmas, my bird gave to me ... an abdominal ultrasound emergency.

For a bird's eye view: The 3 types of bird owners: A Fetch dvm360 conference doodle


On the 11th day of Christmas, my kitten gave to me ... a mouth full of dirty teeth.

Check this out: Client handout: How to brush your kittens teeth (and why it's important)


On the 12th day of Christmas, my pets gave to me ... an unconditional love on which we can agree.



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