12 marketing initiatives for veterinary practices


Short list also offers resources on building a web presence and hosting pet owner seminars.

The Situation

Best Care Animal Hospital is a seven-doctor companion practice serving a Northeast metropolitan area. The hospital's team learns that a new practice is opening up a mile down the road in four months. The veterinarians come up with a list of positive steps they can take over the next four months to ensure the new competition doesn't hurt their business.

The team also brainstormed a list of marketing initatives they can implement. The list below includes links to content exploring the ideas.

1. Advertise a new-client incentive in newspapers and newsletters and with residential associations. One option? Gift cards. 

2. “Ask the expert” column or TV/radio appearances

3. Billboard advertising

4. Additional/improved signage,banners

5. Coupon mailers or door hangers

6. New home owner zip code mailing lists and gift bag participation. Email is a valuable resource for connecting with existing clients.

7. Partnering with shelters and other rescue organizations (501c3)

8. Cross-advertising with local pet supply retailers

9. Maximizing online presence

         - Facebook, Twitter and blogs can engage clients. Our social media toolkit provides resources to attract and engage clients.

10. Sponsorship or participation in community events and fundraisers

11. Conducting pet owner seminars at schools and other community spaces (churches, YMCA, etc.)

12. Local Chamber of Commerce membership


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