11 things you love about equine medicine

September 14, 2016
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director

Portia Stewart is a pun-loving editor who spends her days arguing the differences between cats and commas (commas are a pause at the end of a clause, while cats have the claws at the end of the paws). She is a minion to two cats and a dog.

As an equine vet (or technician), you've been covered in so much sweat and dirt it forms a paste on your skin. You've wondered, "What's that smell?" Then realized it was you. And you've born the burden of delivering the news that this horse the owner was counting on still isn't pregnant. Here are a few reasons to celebrate your unique work life.

1. Relishing that moment when you realize the colicky horse just might make it.


2. Knowing you've got the best stories at any family gathering about the times you narrowly missed getting bitten (or kicked)!


3. That first smell of the stable and the curious faces poking out of stalls that send your adrenaline kicking. This is HOME, and there's no place you'd rather be.


4. Loving the Arabians …


5. And the Shetlands too!


6. The feeling of relief after you float a horse's mouth, knowing you got rid of those sharp edges that HURT. (And your gratitude to your technician who read the schedule at the beginning of the day and prepacked your truck with all of the supplies you'll need.)



7. Knowing you learned to braid … only because you wanted to braid your horse's mane.


8. Watching that broken leg heal (finally!)


9. Knowing picking out a horse's hooves is the ... Best. Meditation. Ever.


10. Barn kittens (and pooches) who always seem to hang around for that extra pet.


11. The tickle of the horse's lips when you sneak him that extra carrot.