10 reasons to love veterinary medicine

August 1, 2016

Feeling cynical? Find out why you've got one of the best jobs in the world.

You're forgiven for sometimes feeling a love-hate relationship with veterinary medicine.

But sometimes, in the right moments, working in veterinary medicine can feel like the best mixture of play of wild abandon, work of intellectual satisfaction, and your true soul's calling.

We asked around among veterinarians about what they liked best. Here are a few of their answers ...

(Photo courtesy Finan Animal Hospital)

The instant gratification of fixing things in surgery

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The way kids' eyes light up when they hear what you do

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Pet kisses and licks


(Photo courtesy Dr. Shawn Finch)

Surprise food clients drop off

(Photo courtesy Dr. Michael Nappier)

When your work feels like play

(Photo courtesy Dr. Elizabeth Colleran)

Cracking hard cases


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Educating pet owners and seeing the "light bulb" moment of understanding

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Working with other people who love helping people and pets

(Photo courtesy Dr. Jennifer Wardlaw)

Giving a voice to those who can't speak


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The animals-DUH ... :)