dvm360 February 2019

How my daughter saved my life

January 10, 2019

It wasnt just the postpartum depression. It was all the other things that piled on, all the ways my brain betrayed me as I grew more and more overwhelmed. What hurt was also the thing that brought me back.

2019: The Year to Problem Solve

January 02, 2019

Whether its your veterinary clients, team members or associate veterinarians, everyone is coming to you with their unique problems. This year, resolve to solve them, even when it takes a little innovation.

Your two paths to telehealth

December 28, 2018

What are they? Dr. Adam Little at Fetch dvm360 says the two paths are: 1) buy or license software so your veterinary practice can offer better telehealth services to clients, or 2) contract with an outside company to offer advice and client service when your practice is busy or closed. (Sure, there’s a third—do nothing—but how long do you think that’ll last?)

Every complaint is not a lesson

December 24, 2018

In the middle of learning to be a better person and a better doctor or veterinary team member every day, dont fixate too much on how youre not satisfying everyone. Drs. Mary Gardner and Andy Roark shared with a packed house at Fetch dvm360 in San Diego why you shouldnt let the unsatisfied client unravel your passion and workday.