Tuskegee receives $40,000 grant from American Humane’s Scholar Fund

The grant, sponsored by Zoetis Petcare, is designed to help more people of color become veterinarians.

The solution to pollution: Top veterinary toxicity tips

The prevalence of poison exposure in companion animals remains higher than ever. Make sure you know how typical toxins are treated.

ASPCA launches Shelter Medicine residency program

Officials with the ASPCA have announced they are launching the Julie Morris Shelter Medicine Residency to provide a 3-year training program for licensed veterinarians interested in developing expertise in Shelter Medicine Practice to meet the unique health and behavior needs of homeless animals.

A voice for veterans waitlisted for service dogs

Veterans with PTSD have to wait years before qualifying for a service dog. To reinforce the need for service dogs in this population, a Purdue University scientist and associate professor provides scientific data revealing benefits like reduced anger, anxiety, and better sleep.

Taking care of our veterinary students

“It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” —Winston S. Churchill

Top 5 ailments in senior dogs

Early detection of disease is key to maximizing an older dog’s quality of life. Teaching owners about common ailments can help these ptients get appropriate treatment sooner rather than later.