Newport Laboratories establishes new inaugural award for cattle health

This year's winner of the annual award is UIUC's second-year veterinary student Luke Daniels, who plans to investigate the genetic diversity of Morazella bovis in cattle.

Empowered women empowering others

Alyssa Mages, CVT, has found a way to combine her love of veterinary medicine with her passion for inspiring others to reach their full potential.

Tuskegee announces 3 USDA APHIS Foreign Service Veterinary Fellowship recipients

This new fellowship program is offered to students interested in a career that combines veterinary medicine with international diplomacy.

Episode 52: Navigating veterinary school while battling a disability

On this episode of the Vet Blast Podcast, Jessica Hirsch, a veterinary student at Tufts University, opens up about taking a medical leave of absence during veterinary school, plus how she’s using her unique story to inspire and advocate for other students with disabilities.