Rebecca Rowe, CVPM


Become a budget building whizreally!

Practice manager by day, accounting wizard by night. Or so theyll think. Trick your boss into thinking you actually know what youre doing by building a budget for your veterinary practice in five minutes. No, really!

Dont drag your paws with employee reviews

Do employee reviews fill you with dread due to anxiety over difficult conversations, losing valuable work time and having to rely on your struggling memory? Dont dig in your heels. Proper preparation can make the task easier and your feedback more valuable.

A starting guide for new receptionists

You're the hello and goodbye to every client, and the guiding hand of the veterinary practice. Here's how to make sure you're being the best you can be.

From single-site to multi-location veterinary hospital in six weeks

I knew this satellite project would be a success, but my bosses werent so sureand if it didnt work out, my job was on the line.