Michael Cross, DVM, MBA, CVPM

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Dr. Ross Clark is one of the founders of National PetCare Centers (merged with VCA in 1996). He received his degree in veterinary medicine in 1963 from Kansas State University and is the practice management editor for Veterinary Economics. Dr. Clark served as the president of the Tulsa County Veterinary Medical Association, the president of the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association, and also as president of the Western Veterinary Conference. Dr. Clark served as president of the Kansas State University Veterinary Medical Alumni Association from 1990 to 1992. Kansas State University named him an Alumni Fellow in February 2003. He has toured throughout the world as a practice management lecturer and consultant, and has been a Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition judge for more than 20 years. Dr. Clark owns a German shepherd, beagle, and ocicat (Dallas Junior or DJ, Hot Lips, and Rosanna). Most people do not know that he won the AAHA tennis tournament in 1979.


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