Martha Cline, DVM, DACVN


Heads up: A report from the AAVN Clinical Nutrition & Research Symposium

19th annual veterinary nutrition event yields new insights on DCM-diet link, home-prepared pet foods and more.

Obesity and orthopedic disease: a relationship to remember

Based on both clinical studies and this veterinary nutritionists experience, obesity and orthopedic disease go hand in handoften with significant repercussions for both patient health and the human-animal bond.

Obesity and concurrent disease: Time for a complete nutrition assessment

Dr. Martha Cline addresses how a veterinary patient's diet comes into play when more than one condition is present.

One potentially harmful pet food myth

Owners need to be informed of the risks of raw-meat based diets, otherwise there becomes room for potentially harmful dietary beliefs. Martha Cline, DVM, DACVN, says it's time to intervene.