Kara M. Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (nutrition)


Mobility matters: nutritional management of canine joint disease

Osteoarthritis in dogs is often diagnosed late owing to several factors. Here’s why, plus tips for managing this debilitating disease through nutrition.

Client handout: No to feeding pets table scraps

When it comes to advice for veterinary clients, I discourage feeding pets table scraps and human food. The pet obesity epidemic and the danger of toxicities mean I lean away from encouraging sharing of food to maintain the human-animal bond.

Nutrient strategies for managing those (FIC)kle FLUTD cases

Most feline lower urinary tract disease is idiopathic, and while there may not be a cure, there are plenty of nutritional tweaks we can make to help manage the condition.

Lifestage nutrition: Different needs call for different feeds

Your veterinary clients know you cant feed a human baby what you feed an adult. And yet, they may think nothing of filling their puppys bowl with kibble meant for mature dogs and vice versa. Be ready to counsel them on how nutritional needs