Julie Carlson, CVT

Julie Carlson is a freelance author and certified veterinary technician in Phoenix. She is the founder of Vets for Vets Pets, a nonprofit organization providing supplies and medical care to the pets of homeless and at-risk veterans.


Do parents rule your practice?

Not everyone working in a veterinary hospital has kids (or wants them). How can you, as a practice owner or manager, fairly accommodate everybodys work schedules?

Strategies to help clients pay for veterinary care

Life happens, and its rife with accidents (which cost money). How can we help clients cover the costs of veterinary care so they can take care of their pets while we still cover our bottom line?

The specter of cyberbullying

Haunted. Vulnerable. Alone. The act of bullying is to silo a person, separate her from community and take away her security and safety and sense of self-worth.

What I didnt learn in vet tech school

School fully prepared me to be a great veterinary technician. But what happened after graduation changed my life.