Julie Cappel, DVM

Dr. Julie Cappel owns Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital in Warren, Michigan. She served as president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association in 2015.


3 erroneous assumptions veterinarians make

Making assumptions about what our clients do and don’t understand can cost much more than lost revenue.

Lessons from a turtle butt

A prolapsed box turtle rectum pushed me to make the typical veterinarian choice: Get some time off or be the leader a freaked-out team member needed in the moment.

Negative online reviews: Why all the hate?

If you made a mistake with a pet owner, work to make it right. But if an online review crops up thats really a veterinary clients willful misunderstanding or issues, you cant always control that. Move on, veterinary professionals. Move on.

Give up the right to be right

When it comes to defusing potential arguments, this veterinary practice owner trusts the words of self-made millionaire and motivational speaker Jim Rohn: Focus on the solution, not on the problem.