Dennis J. Chew, DVM, DACVIM


Diagnosing and managing urinary incontinence in dogs (Proceedings)

The causes of urinary incontinence classically are divided into neurogenic or non-neurogenic categories.

Managing idiopathic cystitis in cats for successful outcomes--parts 1 and 2 (Proceedings)

Results of studies over the past 20 years indicate that idiopathic/interstitial cystitis in cats is the result of complex interactions between the bladder, nervous system, adrenal glands, husbandry practices, and the environment in which the cat lives.

Diagnosing, managing, and preventing acute renal failure (Proceedings)

Acute renal failure is a clinical syndrome characterized by an abrupt increase of serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) concentrations to above normal (azotemia).