CC the Clinic Cat

CC has a few gripes, a smartphone, and an unlimited texting plan. No surprise, she's always looking for the angle that will feather her nest.

Do you have an idea about what CC is going to say next? Maybe because your own clinic cat is none too quiet about her opinions? Send us a note. (Yes, the whole team here at works for her. We manage the fan mail. Dole out the kibbles. Offer up exactly the right amount of petting at only the perfect time. You know how it is)


Your veterinary clinic cat goes on a diet

CC the clinic cat faces the dreaded "d" word with true cat disdain.

Your veterinary clinic cat goes on strike

What would happen if your clinic cat didn't show up for work?

Your veterinary clinic cat takes an assistant

Your clinic cat welcomes your new veterinary team member in true cat fashion, with hazing, demands and--ultimately--a rather flattering job offer.

Your veterinary clinic cat technically texts

CC's low on foodagainand out for your blood.