Author | Catriona MacPhail, DVM, PhD, BA, DACVS

Catriona MacPhail, DVM, PhD, BA, DACVS


Surgery STAT: Examining options to treat feline inflammatory polyps

Feline inflammatory polyps are benign growths originating from the middle ear of cats and can result in upper-airway obstruction, otitis externa and otitis media. The two most common methods of removal are by traction and ventral bulla osteotomy.

Stapling applications in abdominal surgery (Proceedings)

For certain procedures in the abdominal cavity, surgical staples may be an appropriate alternative to suturing.

Placing and caring for feeding tubes (Proceedings)

Nutritional support is indicated in cases of acute weight loss, persistent inappetence, malnutrition, increased metabolic demand, ongoing metabolic loss, or if the animal is physically unable to eat.

Brachycephalic airway syndrome (Proceedings)

Brachycephalic airway syndrome refers to the condition of airway distress attributable to anatomical abnormalities.