Byron de la Navarre, DVM


Common parasitic diseases of reptiles & amphibians (Proceedings)

In this presentation we will discuss the various groupings of parasites seen infesting reptiles & amphibians, how to identify them and thoughts on proper treatment to rid the hosts of these parasites.

Acute and chronic renal Disease in reptiles (Proceedings)

Kidney related diseases are a major cause of illness and death in captive lizards. Improper captive husbandry and diet are the most common predisposing causes of chronic renal failure - which is typically seen in adult lizards. Whereas acute onset of renal disease is often due to infectious or toxic causes (Including medications) and appears to effect any age animal and is typically more sporadic in occurrence.

Common reptile surgical procedures: case reports (Proceedings)

Reptile surgery can be very complicated. Luckily in this day & age of Reptile Medicine, we are afforded several options for anesthetic as well as surgical techniques. This lecture will present a few in order to give an overview of some of the current options available to the practitioner.

Behavior and morphological adaptations of reptiles (Proceedings)

There are greater than 6500 species of extant reptiles with a wide variety of behaviors and structural morphologies designed to allow them to escape notice or fight off enemies, reproduce, obtain food and adapt to their environment. This lecture describes some commonly seen and some less commonly seen behaviors and morphological adaptations in reptiles.