Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA


Three Ways Client Service Representatives Can Build Client Loyalty

When pet owners visit veterinary practice, their first and last interactions are typically with the front office team. Consequently, client service representatives need to be well trained to create positive first and last impressions.

Marketing planning: Use key performance indicators to establish goals (Proceedings)

Most veterinary practice leaders want to grow their practices and strive to implement marketing initiatives that will result in increased revenues for the practice. Unfortunately, the efforts by many veterinarians and managers fall short due to a lack of proper planning.

Taking action: Marketing initiatives to grow your practice (Proceedings)

Marketing planning includes reviewing the practice's key performance indicators or KPIs to assess the areas of opportunity to grow your practice. Once you have made analyzed your hospital data and KPIs, you can take action to develop and execute specific marketing initiatives that will result in the greatest benefit for the practice.

How to manage by core values (Proceedings)

Most veterinary businesses, regardless of size, are started by individuals who have a vision of how they would like the business to operate and some idea of their desired long-term goals.