Is your veterinary clinic's digital media paying for itself?


Here's a simple formula to see if your website and social media platforms are doing their jobs.

Maintaining a website and social media profiles can seem like throwing money and energy into a black hole. You've checked the box of "establish digital media presence," but are your efforts having an effect? Digital marketing wizard and CVC educator Bill Schroeder is here with four steps to determine if your platforms are optimized. Bill gives a detailed breakdown in the video, but essentially you must decide what factors are important to your practice (new or returning clients?), create content around those factors, assign value to each of the components, and integrate a little web reporting.

Not sure how to write the type of content Bill refers to? Click here to get some ideas from Dr. Kathryn Primm. till not convinced about social media? Click here to learn about building organic reach and trust by creating true one-to-one connections between clinic staff and clients.

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